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Natural treatments for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Acupuncture & Chinese medicine have the answer.

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Definition                                        Also see: specialist acupuncture for erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED), more commonly known as "impotence", is a condition when the person is unable to obtain or maintain an erection for intercourse. Erectile Dysfunction is not a disease. However, it is not a normal phenomenon. Erectile Dysfunction can be the complication of other chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems and stroke.

Accompanying signs & symptoms

Poor libido, soreness in the lower back, frequent urination at night, stress, anxiety or depression, physical exhaustion, history of prostate problems

Possible Causes

Stress, anxiety, depression

Physical exhaustion

Side effects of medication

Complication of chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, stroke or prostate problems

How do Acupuncture & Chinese herbs work?

Physiological mechanisms involved in ED include imbalance in nervous activities and hormonal system. From Chinese medicine perspective, ED is often related to "KIDNEY DEFICIENCY" in Chinese medical system.

Acupuncture & Chinese herbs work by the following:

Improve the blood circulation to the uro-genital area

Regulate the hormonal imbalance

Regulate the balance in the activities between the sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous system which is directly involved in sexual activities.

Treatment Modalities

Specialist Acupuncture & Chinese herbal treatment


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